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How To Plan Your Website ~ 2nd Part    
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OK, let's
Upload (FTP) Your Files.

To upload your files to your host computer you need to determine your FTP address and password. FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. FTP allows you to send and receive files to and from computers. 

  Determine your host FTP procedures. Check with your Website hosting service and determine your URL, obtain their FTP instructions - FTP address, user name and password. Record this information for future reference.

  Prepare files For uploading. Move all the files that you plan to upload to the same folder/directory on your computer. Double check to ensure they can be viewed locally with your browser using your navigation scheme.

  FTP your files. Access your FTP software and transfer all the files (html, gif/jpeg and mid) in your PC folder to your Website folder. Check to see that each of the file names you uploaded are viewable in the download window.

You are now ready to proceed to the next step - Test Your Website.

Testing your Website mainly include testing each Web page for: HTML validation, load time, browser compatibility, bad links and spelling errors. 

  Why Is HTML testing important? Testing each Web page (called validating) will help you identify HTML coding errors, when it doesn't follow the correct HTML standard. HTML validation will also ensure your Web page has cross-browser compatibility. The more valid your HTML coding is, the more people will be able to view it correctly.

  Download time. Due to the fact that your site's visitors are using a  variety of different speeds to connect to the Internet, a web site should load as quickly as possible.  Images, audio, and video take a long time to download compared to text. Ideally, try to keep your download time for your home page size under 40 seconds. 

  Reduce down-load time. "Fat" graphics are the leading cause of slow-loading Web pages. You can 1. Reduce the number of graphics on your page. 2. Use the right image format. 3. Optimize your graphics etc.

  Ask other people to evaluate your Website:

  • Ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues to test your site. Also, ask them to provide you their recommendations on improving your Website. They will be more than happy to give you their opinion. :-)

  • Consider their recommendations carefully and make the required changes, spell check your files again and FTP all changed pages to your host computer.

  Update & backup your files. Based on your testing results, make all the required changes and FTP your new page to your host computer. You also should Make a backup copy to your hard drive.

Let's go to the next step - Promote Your Site.

Marketing is almost always the step that most website owners leave out or don't spend enough time and effort on. But this is the most important part for getting business through online. Once your website has been launched, getting your website out to the people is the most important task of all. You can't sell anything If customers can't find your site or no ones comes to your website.

Marketing and promoting your site is an on-going process! Right now Search engine optimization is the hottest and most effective way of marketing your business online.

Every day, tens of millions of people use search engines to find the products and services they want on the Web. Ranking high on the search engines is the most effective way of promoting your web site. Your site must show up in most of the major search engines. because, If a customer can't find your business in the first 20 matches of a search engine, they will find your competitors.

How Can Help ~

Our online marketing & search engine optimization services increases traffic to your website and improve your rankings in the search engines. Our online marketing and Search engine optimization services include: 

Website analysis and strategy development... Optimization implementation services... and Rankings maintenance services.

1. Website analysis and strategy development services: 

Key competitor analysis in search engine rankings on same keywords and keyword phrases
Design/Layout/Content analysis & Optimization of web pages.
Identification of other strategic opportunities designed to generate site traffic.
creating search crawler friendly pages with effective keyword and meta tags.
Log file analysis for spider activity and keyword generation.

2. Optimization implementation services :

Search engine analysis and Submission readiness check (Content, Design, Keywords, Descriptions, Titles etc.)
Submitting and ensuring web site listing
Keywords and phrases research to help your customers to find you.
Continual optimization to maintain and upgrade rank position

3. and Rankings maintenance services like :

Monitoring of rankings (rankings report)
Re-submission of any pages that have been dropped
Monitoring of search engine/directory activity (activity, that will affect the optimization strategy)
Link-popularity report and comparison to key competitors

Join With - Get an identity in the crowd!

Wants to learn more about Internet promotion?
Start by reading the following articles ...

What is a Search Engine?
Why search engine placement and ranking so important?
What is Submitting and Optimizing?

We provide you  TOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTION PACKAGE that covers web design and web development, web hosting, domain name registration, and marketing with search engine position. So, even if you know very little about how the Internet works, you can still maximize the potential of your business.

And the last step - Maintain & update Your Site

For your Website to be a success you must maintain it. If you expect visitors to return, you must provide them with something new, correct errors and keep your site up to date. In addition, you must continue to monitor your search engine ranking, continue to promote your Website and find out who is linking to your site.

  Maintenance of a Website is performed for several reasons. These include:

  • To enhance and/or improve the design.

  • To update or add additional information.

  • To respond to visitor's comments/ recommendations.

  • To correct errors and design problems.

  • Static Websites soon die from lack of interest! The average life of a web page is 75 days.

  General maintenance guidelines:

  • Websites should never be static. it should be current. If your site is not updated regularly, visitors will not bother to return. If you don't occasionally offer new information or resources, you're not giving visitors any reason to return. No matter how well publicized your site is, if you don't maintain it, it will decline in popularity.

  • Keep it simple & reliable, If you promise monthly updates, make sure you live up to your word. Do not offer anything that you can not deliver.

  • Take any feedback you have received seriously and reply as soon as possible, and thank the visitor. If the feedback contains ideas on improving your site or correcting errors, evaluate each one. 

  • A "What's New?" page can keep your return visitors up to date on what has changed since their last visit. You should also place a small "new" graphic next to items that have recently been updated, or added to your site.

  • Proof read your changed pages before you upload them.

  • Test all changes. If you make a change to a page, no matter how small, always validate your HTML code and spell check it.

  • Always develop your new pages on your local computer, and then upload them to your Website, add updated or new pages to your Website only after they have been tested, validated and work correctly.

  • Always retain a backup copy of your Website on your hard drive.

  How Often Should You Update Your Site? It depends on what you have to offer your visitors. Keeping your web site up-to-date in both content and technology is vital to its success.

  Content Is King. One of the biggest problems any Website owner has is finding good content. Content is what brings your visitors to a site in the first place. If your pages aren't updated and new content isn't added, your Website will become ineffective.

  Final words. Remember, people are more likely to return to your site, if you keep it tidy, validated and up-to-date.

Do You Need Help? Don't be shy, if you have questions or need help creating your Website, just ask us.

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