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Services ~

Can people that are searching for your products or services find you?
Can visitors tell right away what your site offers?
Not getting enough visitors & sales?
Is your website design working against you?
Do you know which key words people use to find you?
Is your site listed & ranked high in search engines?

The difference between a successful and unsuccessful website is in many cases a question about how it's marketed and promoted.

Online marketing or Web site promotion is more than just adding your web address to your business cards. You should perfectly use the power of the Internet to get in front of more potential customers than ever before. Our online marketing & search engine optimization services help companies reach their active buyers online and profit from their online investment.

Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization is a time consuming, complex and continual process. Some web designers may submit your website to a couple of search engines, but they often forget is that what is appealing to the human eye is rarely appealing to a search engine spider. This is a separate task all together and requires significant technical expertise to get a company professionally indexed.

Whether you are a small business looking for a presence on the Internet or a successful Internet business looking for a well planned promotion campaign, you've come to the right place.

How Can Help You ~

Our online marketing & search engine optimization services increases traffic to your website and improve your rankings in the search engines. online marketing and Search engine optimization services include;

* Website analysis and strategy development
* Optimization implementation services, and
* Rankings maintenance services.

Website analysis and strategy development services:

Key competitor analysis in search engine rankings on same keywords and keyword phrases
Design/Layout/Content analysis & Optimization of web pages.
Identification of other strategic opportunities designed to generate site traffic.
creating search crawler friendly pages with effective keyword and meta tags.
Log file analysis for spider activity and keyword generation.

Optimization implementation services :

Search engine analysis and Submission readiness check (Content, Design, Keywords, Descriptions, Titles etc.)
creating a optimization & Promotion Tactics & execute it step by step.
Submitting and ensuring web site listing
Keywords and phrases research to help your customers to find you.
Continual optimization to maintain and upgrade rank position

Rankings maintenance services like :

continuing Target Market & key competitors analysis
Rolling Promotional strategies
Monitoring of rankings (rankings report)
Re-submission of any pages that have been dropped
Monitoring of search engine/directory activity (activity, that will affect the optimization strategy) belive in Result-Oriented Online Marketing Solutions.

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