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Some Popular E-commerce Terms ~

Online Product catalogs

With an online catalogue, you make it easy for your buyers to do business with you. Business info Bangladesh offers powerful, scalable, easy-to-use e-commerce development tools to grow your company. We can help you put your products online, present them effectively, and manage orders. Best of all, you'll have the tools to make instant changes to your online catalog. You can make price changes, product additions, product deletions and more with a few simple keystrokes (no programming skills needed).

Dynamic Shopping Cart and Secure Order Form :

A virtual shopping cart is much the same as the real cart that one pushes through the local grocery store. As the customers peruse your online store, they find items they like and drop them in the cart. When they are ready to check out, the shopping cart contents are displayed to them. They can add or delete items as they prefer, and can then proceed to order the items using the secure order form.

Business info Bangladesh can provide you with either a static, customized shopping cart or a dynamic, database driven shopping cart. A dynamic shopping cart, on the other hand, is database driven. For this, obviously, you will need a database of your products and product information.

Business info Bangladesh can provide you with a searchable, editable database and the training you will need to use it to its full capacity. You will be able to add products to your database, and customers will be able to add them to their shopping carts. A dynamic, database-driven shopping cart is appropriate for businesses that have large or frequently updated inventories.

Online request for quote (RFQ)

Perhaps you produce custom products that are difficult to price and sell online. If so, an online request for quote system could offer great benefits to you. With an online RFQ, you capture the buyer's attention and encourage their response. Plus, you receive valuable information that can put you one step ahead in the quoting process.

"Business info Bangladesh" Technologies offers a variety of online RFQ systems, from simple forms to powerful product configuration systems.

Real-Time Credit Card Processing and Fraud Prevention :

Online shoppers want fast, easy and safe. With online credit card processing and our security features (Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) services and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology), your customers will have access to safe, twenty-four hour shopping on your web site. For them its quick, hassle-free and secure. For you its automated. You won't have to worry about dealing with manual credit card orders, calling in the verifications or sending in processing slips. And you don't have to switch merchant services providers.

Bizinfo Bangladesh works with your current merchant services provider to ensure that your credit card services will be dependable and fraudulent transactions will be avoided.

Customer Management with Login :

Allow returning customers to retrieve and reorder from previous orders and recall customer profile data to speed the checkout process with customer relations management tools.

Advanced, Customizable Ecommerce Search Utility :

Shoppers can conduct simple text or product category searches or perform advanced searches by keyword, manufacturer, vendor, price range, and/or sale items.

Package/Shipment Tracking :

Bizinfo Bangladesh can set up your web site to offer a variety of shipping options including overnight express. You don't want last-minute shoppers to be driven to a different retailer because you can't supply their merchandise in time to meet their needs. Many businesses have also found online order tracking to be highly useful. With this service patrons can check online at any time to see where their package is. Not only does this make your customers feel secure, but it cuts down on the e-mails or phone calls that your customer-service representatives must deal with.

Real-Time Inventory and Database Solutions :

A Real-Time Inventory and Database Solution is one of the most powerful tools available to online retailers today. Business info Bangladesh can provide you with a database of your products that is: searchable by category, provides automatically updated inventory, is easily editable, and that works in concert with other e-commerce web site solutions such as shopping carts, customer tracking and opt-in emails. The uses of an online database are almost limitless. Please read more about how Business info Bangladesh will integrate your current database with your web site or populate your database for you: Database Solutions.

Enhanced Product Displays :

When online shopping was in it's infancy; critics doubted that e-commerce would work for the majority of retail merchandise. After all, magazines and CDs are one thing, but who wants to buy furniture or clothing when all you can see of the product is a one-dimensional photograph? Today, new zeroing in technologies allow for more in-depth inspection of online products than ever before. With the right software, patrons can now zoom in on the tiniest detail of a painting, rotate a blouse through several degrees or take a virtual tour of a house for sale.

Customer Tracking and Database Solutions :

With customer tracking you will be able to keep an online database of your customers, their addresses, emails, preferences, and answers to any web site marketing questions they may have answered. You can also allow frequent buyers to save their profiles, credit card information and shipping and billing addresses. This way your customers don't have to waste a lot of time typing in the same information every time they buy from your web site. A customer tracking solution is often linked with a larger database solution.

Order Confirmations :

Some web sites state on the final transaction screen, "Print this page for your records." What if the customer doesn't have a printer at the time or what if the customer looses the paper he printed the information on? This is an easy enough problem to fix. Business info Bangladesh can program your site to send email confirmations after every order. The emails can contain any thank you information you wish sent along with order confirmation numbers that customers can use when referring to their orders. Not only does this ease the jobs of your customer-service-representatives (they no longer have to deal with callers with incomplete information) but it makes your customers feel more secure as well.

Site Specific Search Engines :

Online shoppers often want to get into a web site, find a specific item, checkout and go. They don't always have the time or the desire to browse through your entire online catalogue. If you have several products to offer or if you just have a large site, your web site should be searchable by key phrases and product types. For this purpose, Business info Bangladesh can provide you with a site specific search engine. The search engine will search your web site for the keywords entered by the user and will direct the user to the pages he or she is looking for.

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