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Search engines: Finding the needle in the haystack!!

Search engines are the primary interface between people using the Web and websites. We visit a search engine site [like Google, Yahoo or Msn] and type keywords or phrases to find relevant websites. Search engine uses their technology to find websites that best match the keywords you are looking for. 

Search engines compile their databases using "spiders" or "robots" ('bots') to crawl through the Internet from link to link, identifying and perusing pages. After spiders find pages, they pass them on to another computer program for "indexing." This program identifies the text, links, and other content in the page and stores it in the search engine database's files so that the database can be searched by keyword and whatever more advanced approaches are offered, and the page will be found if your search matches its content.

Search Engines are very important for generating traffic to your site. More than 90% of Internet users use search engines to find products and services and information that they are looking for. When a search engine reviews your website, it looks for different types of clues to establish a ranking. 

Some types of pages or links are excluded from most search engines because of structural & Technical barriers or search engine spiders cannot access them. Pages that are excluded are referred to as the "Invisible Web" -- what you don't see in search engine results.

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