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Why search engine placement and ranking so important?

* Nearly 90% of traffic to most web sites is found by using a search engine or directory.

* Anyone finding your web site through a search engine or directory is a potential customer because they have decided before finding your web site that they need what you are selling and are looking for you specifically.

* Studies have shown that search engines and directories provide better results than other forms of online advertising.

* Search engines are the primary interface between people using the Web and websites. So if youíre not found in the top 30 rankings when someone conducts a query for a keyword that discusses your product or service that ought to bring your site up, youíre really invisible on the Web.

* Search engines are the only vehicles by which someone can search the Web. And when they perform a keyword query, one of three things will happen: Your website will come up, or it wonít, or, worse, your competitorís website will come up.

* Over 90% of web users use search engines to transverse the web. Top 30 search engine results in any keyword get over 90% of search traffic.

* The challenge is that many people are designing sites without any consideration for how they will be considered by the search engines. There are literally dozens of things that people can do that will prevent their websites from being able to be indexed by the major search engines. Your website is only useful if people use it. And the most important way to get people to use it is to get it found in one place where everybody goes to search for contentóand that is the major search engines.

* Major search engines attract more distinct visitors than almost any other Web site.

* 85% of all Internet user sessions involve browsing at a search engine. Your search engine ranking determines a major slice of your site traffic

Search engine positioning is a necessary component of online marketing strategy. At, we help you establish and maintain rank position by applying optimization methodologies that work!

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