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Complete Support, Update and Maintenance Services ~

Your website means as much for us as it means for you. A well working, well designed website is an ongoing commercial even for us, the designers and programmers that built it. So it's our priority to make you, our customer, appreciate our work and recommend us to other people. We therefore assure you that we are always doing our best to keep our customers happy with us and the services that we provide. Support for existing websites is a cornerstone in the foundation that this web development company is standing on.

A website is never finished. That's why 'Business info Bangladesh' always give you the support that you need to keep your website functional, and all the help that you need if something goes wrong.

We keep backup copies of all the web sites we build and we will help you if your web pages or the scripts on your site unintentionally gets corrupted or destroyed. If after a while you notices something on your new web site that didn't turn out exactly like you wanted it, we offer a guarantee and a support function to give you support and help with exactly the things that you need help with.

Site Update & Maintanence @

The big difference between publishing on the World Wide Web and in traditional media is the dynamic and fresh nature that we take for granted on the web. In printed media you write it once and that's it. On the Internet you write it and then you write it again and again...

The ever changing nature of web sites is both a strength and weakness. Some web sites may never have to update or change their content, but for sites with a need for quickly changing content it's important to have a well planned system that makes updates fast and efficient.

'Business info Bangladesh' offer a very affordable web site update and maintenance plan that suits every web site.

Our web site update and maintenance plans lets you forget about a lot of all things that needs an experienced web master:

* Domain name settings. If you want to add sub domains… like we'll take care of your DNS settings, make the changes on the servers and make it all work flawlessly.

* Troubles with your Web Host. In our services we can include weekly backups. If your web host goes down, or if the web server crashes, you won't lose your content or web pages. We will have a backup copy to upload again as fast as possible.

* Updates of content and pictures. Our exclusive service. Daily, weekly, monthly or occasional update and changes in your web site content.

* General maintenance. General web site maintenance consists of link checks, broken images, form checks, database checks etc depending on the type of functionality you have on your web site.

The dynamic structure of web sites makes any change affect more than one page, change something on one page and it usually have effects on another page. Therefore it's important to make sure that everything is working; broken links and images looks bad, it makes your web site visitors annoyed and they might leave your site just because of it.

All in all it means that you can continue your regular work without bothering about the difficult parts of having a web site. We see to it that it's up and running, adding the new content you want and make the tedious tasks seem easy all the way through. Your site will always be fresh, updated and there for your visitors… without worries on your behalf.

So if you have the needs for updates, daily, weekly, monthly but doesn't have the time, knowledge or desire to do it yourself.

Contact us for any question or request a proposal for our services.

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