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Do you know why most business sites fails?

There are two major points...  

No.1 - Most business site owners believe or convinced by web developer, if he got a web site, the whole world know about his products/services... as a result they gain huge business...etc. But the reality is anyone can't see or find them at online....  they are almost invisible at online!! Why? Because these web sites weren't designed correctly and there is no online marketing or search engine strategy to bring customers to the site.

Search Engines are most important for generating traffic to your site. More than 90% of Internet users use search engines to find products and services and information that they are looking for. 

Submitting your website to the search engines is not enough to bring visitors to your website. Your web pages must be optimized and ranked well. Because, if you’re not found in the top 30 rankings when someone conducts a query for a keyword that discusses your product or service that ought to bring your site up, you’re really invisible on the Web.

Search engines are the primary interface between people using the Web and websites. So if you’re not found in the top 30 (preferably top 20) rankings when someone conducts a query for a keyword that discusses your product or service that ought to bring your site up, you’re really invisible on the Web.

Your website is only useful if people find it, see it or use it. And the most important way to get people to use it is to get it found in that place where everybody goes to search for content—and that is the major search engines.

If online marketing & search engine positioning is the number one reason for  websites fall, what is number two? 

Would you just sit by your business phone and let it ring until it stops? No, of course you wouldn't. Why wouldn't you? Because you would potentially be losing important business and income. How much would just one missed call potentially cost your business in lost income, including repeat business? Hundreds? Thousands? More? Now, consider your website in the same way. If your website isn't answering your potential customers needs and encouraging them to buy from you, you can be losing just as much business and income, or even more.

Look around the Internet and you'll see that most businesses have websites. However, the shocking truth is that many businesses still just aren't taking the Internet and specifically their websites seriously. Just look at their websites. You'll see the following common warning signs: Poor Content - No Clear Focus - Structure Error - incomplete - Difficult to use - Poor layout - Color - Style - Spelling Mistakes and other errors are just put a big sign on the homepage - "Closed. We don't care about you. Call us instead".

At its very least, a website presents you as a company for all to see. It provides a snapshot of who you are, what you do, how you do it, etc. It says a lot about you to your potential customers. This snapshot impression will be used in exactly the same way as it would if someone were to meet you or your company in the physical world. It will be used to make decisions about you. Do not underestimate this, its very important. 

When potential customers see Amateurish looking pages, Text that isn't well written and lack of continuity, Frequent spelling mistakes, Broken links, Outdated content, a placeholder/under construction page, a lack of information, etc. They get a bad impression of you. Do you want to present a negative image of your company? Do you want your site to be hard work? Do you want your customers to search for what they want? Do you want to scare your customers off? Do you want more sales? Then you will have to take action!

'Business info Bangladesh' is the only businesses channel, which help you to take proper ACTION. Which help you to establish online; quickly, easily and affordably. This is the right place for entrepreneurs, who wants more business through online. Simply join our business Promotion Programme and Stay on Top of Your Business. committed to Develop No.1 web site in your field that Establishing & maintaining an advantage over your competitors. We rank your site on search engines & best of all we guarantee more business round the year!!

Please contact us to know more about our creative business solutions that help your business succeed on the Internet.

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